Santa Monica Trust and Probate Attorney

Licensed for over 30 years, Attorney Monica Mihell is licensed in all California State and Federal District Courts. She has served as a mediator, an arbitrator, a voluntary settlement officer and a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children.

During her time practicing, she has focused on litigation, primarily probate and business. She makes herself accessible to clients, and works hard to get the best result in every case. Monica Mihell started her firm, Mihell Law, so she could help as many people as possible.

Trust and Probate

When you are making plans for what will happen after you die, you are probably thinking about making a will. It will probably be to your advantage to use trusts to manage your assets also. You can avoid tax penalties and make your assets available to your heirs sooner if your assets don’t all have to go through probate court.

Santa Monica Trust and Probate Attorney Monica Mihell can sit down with you and help you plan well in advance. She will let you know of your options and what the advantages are to each. Then she will help you carry out your plan.

Planning well is the best way to avoid arguments over your estate, and keep your estate from spending a long time tied up in probate. When there are arguments or disagreements over an estate, there may be a need for litigation. Attorney Monica Mihell has successfully helped her clients win intense disputes in probate court.

Elder Law

As you get older, your legal needs change. In some ways, you become more vulnerable. Santa Monica Elder Law Attorney Monica Mihell understands the complex set of laws associated with elder law.

Elder Law is actually several kinds of law. It includes issues like how to plan your estate, and how to plan for future health needs if you can’t take care of yourself. It also deals with issues like what you would do if you became incapacitated, and the problems of physical or financial abuse of elderly or incapacitated people.

Litigation Attorney Monica Mihell has decades of experience and a sincere desire to help her clients achieve the best outcome in each case. If you need help with a legal problem in the Santa Monica area, call Mihell Law today for a free consultation.

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