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Elder law includes a wide range of legal issues that affect a disabled or older person. These issues can include situations relating to long-term care planning, health care, Social Security issues, retirement preparation and Medicare/Medicaid situations and more. The elder law professionals in Santa Monica at Mihell Law focus on this practice area. As a result, they frequently work with a wide range of clients, helping them solve their legal problems relating to elder law.

The Importance of Long-Term Care Planning in Santa Monica

According to the National Care Planning Council, the fastest growing segment of the population is over the age of 85. Some 50% of this age group receive some type of long-term care in the form of an assisted living or nursing home facility or help in house. Although many people will at some point in their lives need long-term care, they neglect to plan for this situation. Financially, this can be devastating for an elderly person. In fact, most of what they worked for their entire life can be spent simply trying to pay for the long-term care they need towards the end of their lives. As part of long-term care planning, a person can also set end-of-life directives that will outline their desire to be kept alive artificially and allows a person to set up a power of attorney so someone else can make financial and/or medical decisions for another person.

Care For Disabled Persons in California

In addition to long-term care for the eventuality of aging, some people need to prepare for the care of a disabled person in their care. This can be the case if parents have a disabled a child who will most likely outlive them. Preparing for the care of a disabled child gives the parents a peace of mind that their child will be well cared for even after they are gone.

Other Tasks an Elder Law Attorney Can Help Clients Within Santa Monica

Estate planning, such as constructing wills, along with appointing a guardian for a minor can also be an aspect of elder law. If you or someone you love needs help in any of the areas mentioned above or others that fall under elder law, call us today. We at Mihell Law are happy to create a plan to help you rectify your elder law situation. Contact attorney Monica Mihell today as these issues should be addressed well before the need for them arises.

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